Industry Leaders


Filmex is managed by profoundly talented industry leaders, providing the company an incisive understanding of the client’s business.


The Chairman and President, Mr. Jimmy Duavit, is a well-respected entrepreneur whose brand of leadership has led to high-quality productions in TVC’s and TV and full-length productions.


Co-Operating Officers, Jun Garra and Concon Limbo-Deray are both home grown, rooted with solid production and marketing experience.  As a team, they share the mastery of building Agency and Client relations, ensuring a well rounded and pro-active view of their needs.


Mr. Rudyard Guzman, the company’s Chief Finance Officer, provides financial disciplines that enhance cost effectiveness and maximizing financial resources.


Providing day-to-day oversight as the Client Services Head / Executive Producer is Jun Garra, a charming and affable producer whose mastery of business relationships has provided a comfortable and smooth experience during productions for both Agencies and Clients.


All of our Executive Producers have solid production management backgrounds and armed with respectable business skills.

Chairman / President
Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr.
Co-Operating Officers
Jun G. Garra
Concon L. Deray
Chief Finance Officer
Rudyard G. Guzman
Executive Producers:
Concon L. Deray
Ginny C. Vizcarra
Jun G. Garra
Mila B. Tanteco
Owie M. Pascual
Ylette Rose T. Reoma
Best WorX

Mario Cornejo

Mario started his career in 2005 when he wrote and directed his first feature, “Big Time” for Arkeofilms, which has gone on to show in several film festivals abroad and was nominated for a number of awards. Since then he has directed for movies, television shows and television commercials. He is currently an in-house director for television commercials at Film Experts Inc.