Industry Leaders


Filmex is managed by profoundly talented industry leaders, providing the company an incisive understanding of the client’s business.


The Chairman and President, Mr. Jimmy Duavit, is a well-respected entrepreneur whose brand of leadership has led to high-quality productions in TVC’s and TV and full-length productions.


Co-Operating Officers, Jun Garra and Concon Limbo-Deray are both home grown, rooted with solid production and marketing experience.  As a team, they share the mastery of building Agency and Client relations, ensuring a well rounded and pro-active view of their needs.


Mr. Rudyard Guzman, the company’s Chief Finance Officer, provides financial disciplines that enhance cost effectiveness and maximizing financial resources.


All of our Executive Producers have solid production management backgrounds and armed with respectable business skills.


Undaunted by both internal and external changes, the Company’s vision persisted. To this day, FILMEX holds tight to its vision of nourishing a sharply-honed operations geared towards supporting its resolute drive for creative and technical eminence. Its people remain FILMEX’s primary resource, ensuring a perfect balance of production and technical competence, strong business management, and creative ascendancy.  The ultimate goal: a highly professional, dynamic and creative organization enriched with state-of-the-art equipment and engineering support.


As the advertising industry rapidly evolves, FILMEX adapts to new platforms and formats such as Digital Video and Below The Line materials in response to Client’s demands.

Chairman / President
Gilberto R. Duavit, Jr.
Co-Operating Officers
Jun G. Garra
Concon L. Deray
Chief Finance Officer
Rudyard G. Guzman
Executive Producers:
Concon L. Deray
Ginny C. Vizcarra
Jun G. Garra
Mila B. Tanteco
Owie M. Pascual
Jendy Delos Reyes

Jenny Lao-Pastor

She attended the University of The Philippines and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, major in Visual Communications.  Her thesis on her 4th year landed her a job at J. Walter Thompson, where she spent 5 and a half years as Art Director / Associate Creative Director, working on various Unilever  and San Miguel Beer brands.

Her personal projects include the entire series of Lux Super Rich commercials, the Lux Beauty Soap ads of Carmina Villaroel and Donita Rose, and also played a part in some Sunsilk, Organics, Cream Silk and Close-up efforts.  Her San Miguel work include the “What’s On Your Mind?” campaign of Super Dry.

She then joined Jimenez D’Arcy for another 4 and a half years, handling P&G’s Whisper and fashion brand, Bench, to name a few.  It was in this office where she had a first shot at directing her own low-budget ad, which also won a merit at the London International Awards.

After a total of 10 years in advertising agencies, she moved over to Production side, where she spent 12 years as Commercial Production Designer.

Last year, mid-2014, she was invited to join Filmex.  Very excited and inspired, Jenny brings with her an  extensive 22 years of creative advertising, design and production experience to the company, in her role as Commercial Director.